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The Mr. Heater 1-lb Refillable Fuel Keg is not just an innovation in portable heating; it’s a substantial step forward in our collective effort to protect the environment.

Traditional disposable propane tanks contribute significantly to litter and pollution. The refillable nature of the Fuel Keg directly addresses this issue by providing a reusable option that drastically reduces waste and environmental footprint.


Our goal is to build a better future.  

  • What we can do– Reduce North America’s dependence on disposable 1lb propane tanks
  • How – By offering a safe, easy, and reliable alternative to single-use propane tanks
  • Why – Customers will save money and eliminate landfill pollution in America

State and federal regulations require that disposable propane tanks be taken to a facility that can handle the proper disposal of these products. Many cities don’t have these facilities, making it challenging to properly dispose of your tank. You either have to drive long distances to find a facility, or you may decide to just throw them away since there’s no viable way to dispose of the tank properly nearby. In many instances, people are not even aware of these regulations and simply throw their used tanks away.

This has led to over 50 million disposable tanks ending up in landfills every year, creating a significant amount of unnecessary waste. The metals used with disposable tanks aren’t biodegradable. This means your used tanks will sit in the landfill for many years, resulting in environmental hazards that will contribute to many of the climate change issues we’re experiencing. Refillable tanks eliminate this waste and prevent the improper disposal of these products.

Over time, these hazards will make it increasingly challenging to use disposable tanks. Certain states are starting to ban the sale of disposable tanks to address the environmental impact caused by improper disposal, and some national parks have started implementing restrictions on their use. Refillable tanks provide an environmentally conscious alternative that will be more readily available for years to come.



Opting for the Fuel Keg Refillable Propane Tank can lead to significant cost savings over time, as it eliminates the need for purchasing expensive disposable propane cylinders. By utilizing this refillable system, users can reduce their overall fuel expenses while enjoying a more sustainable and economical propane solution.


Each refill of the tank costs approximately $4.75 less than purchasing a new disposable propane tank


The initial cost of investing in the Fuel Keg Refillable Propane Tank is recovered after the tank has been refilled just four times. The initial cost of investing in the tank and refill kit is recovered in 10 refills


The entire system is cost-effective while being an environmental-friendly solution; providing benefits not only to the user, but also to the planet.


Shop the Fuel Keg 1-lb Refillable Propane Tank and Propane Tank Refill Kit today for great savings and eco-friendly fuel.